About Brance

About Brance

My name is Brance Gillihan. I am a loyal servant to the true emperor, Jesus Christ, daddy to Hadassah & Abigail, husband to Lauren, and I have hope, in this life and the next.

That sounds better if you read it with the voice of Russell Crowe from the movie ‘Gladiator’.

A Few More Details

brance-laurenI grew up, mostly, in the Kansas City, MO area. I was home educated, left home at 17 and moved to Wyoming to be a cowboy. I spent five years there doing some growing up and discovering a love of music. I then moved to Lubbock, TX and went to school to study music, sound technology, and video production. From TX, I moved to Nashville, went to Belmont University as a Music Business Major, and then moved to SouthWest Virginia in 2000.

After moving to Virginia in 2000, I started my first business, Clear Blue Productions. Joining forces with a good friend who also works in the industry, we soon launched The Bluegrass Blog (now Bluegrass Today), a bluegrass music blog read daily by thousands of professionals and fans. As if that wasn’t enough, we also began Bluegrass Artist Services, a company providing web and e-commerce services and solutions to Bluegrass music professionals.

For the last six years I was in Virginia, I also served in our local church as a teacher and leader to the High School and college students. In 2007 the church recognized me as an elder, and I served in that role, teaching, preaching, and shepherding alongside the other elders until I left Virginia in 2011.

God used a mission trip to Poland in 2006 to stir my heart for the church in a new way. I learned a lot on that trip about prayer and the importance of the local church to the work of missions.

It was in that same church that I met my wife, Lauren. What a blessing she is!

In June of 2011 we moved to South Boston, MA. We bought a house, we love the city, and this neighborhood in particular. We love our neighbors and we want them to know the love of the Father in the face of Jesus Christ.

For the last several years I served as an elder in a small South Boston church, preaching and teaching along with the founding pastor. In the Spring of 2016 we made the difficult decision to close the doors on that church and now my family attends a Reformed Baptist Church in Lynn, MA.


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